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Ambulatory Traction

The Ambulatory Traction Device is used to provide lower-back traction for the treatment of spinal disk disorders, including thinned disks, bulged disks, herniated disks, spinal stenosis, and also facet syndrome.

Lumbar traction has long been a very powerful treatment for low-back pain. However, in cases where the patient exhibits a side or forward-bending posture (called the antalgic position), the ambulatory traction device often produces dramatic results not obtainable by traditional traction. That's because the traction device can be strapped to the patient and then the patient's spine can be extended (tractioned) while in the antalgic position.

With the ambulatory traction device attached, the patient is asked to walk, (for about 10 minutes). During the treatment extension-jacks on each side of the traction device can be adjusted separately so as to "straighten" the patient's posture while the patient is being treated.

This unique method of traction often allows the bulged or herniated portion of the disk to return to a more normal position and thus obtain relief which may not be obtainable through more conventional types of traction.